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STEP is based in Bekalta from 2013 , specialized in fish breeding seabream and seabass
Our Fish farm is located 5.5 km south / east of Bekalta fishingharbor,and covers an area of 25 ha. It corresponds to a rectangle of 600 m long and 400 m wide.

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The sea bream is part of the family of Sparidae. It is fished in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean, depending on the variety. The sea bream has a body high enough and compressed laterally,
Striped with vertical bars. Its head is slightly bulging, terminated by a powerful jaw containing different types of teeth and very thick lips.
It has a nice silvery gray color and is characterized by a black task above the gills and a golden band between the eyes that evokes a crown, hence the name “Royale”.
On the whole body, there are about twenty light lines, drawn by the rows of scales.


Sea bass

The sea bass is a lean fish, devoid of scales and with a neutral taste. It has become a delicacy of choice in recent years thanks to a delicate chair. Generally served in pieces or in fillets, it is prepared in various ways: poached, braised, cooked in the pan, steamed or fried.


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